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Ultimate Logo Contest List

Ultimate Logo Contest List

Get the Ultimate Logo Contest List

The Ultimate Logo Contest List contains reviews of the top 20 online logo contest web sites. It also has seasonal and one time only logo contests listed. Find out what logo contest sites give you the best opportunity to win and what sites have the largest prizes. This is a tool that is not regulated to only designers. Contest holder will find it useful as well. Why would you want to start a guaranteed contest on a site that will give you only one or two entries. This defeats the purpose of having a logo contest in the first place. The Ultimate Logo Contest List will provide you with the information you need to know in order to place your design contest where it will be seen. Part of the contest listings is where we have a web sites design 411. This includes the information on the fee to start a design contest, fee to join a contest, and the fee for winning a contest. We also list the minimum payout, payout schedule, payout method, and contest prizes.

Logo Design Contest List Sample - From Our Current Listings

RATING: 8/10 Logo Tournament - Logo Tournament Logo Tournament is quickly becoming the premier destination for logo contests. They have a large number of active contests and lots of top designers. You can see how the logo designers rank, which is determined by how they did in the contests they have entered. Prize money can be paid through Credit Card, Bank Account, or PayPal. If your contest doesn't receive at least 30 entries, they will refund your payment. Once the contest holder pays the winner of the contest, the logo is exclusively the contest holders. Before entering designs, designers have to go through their initiation process.

Positives: great interface, many contests, many designers, designer ranking system, secure safe site that seems very trustworthy

Negatives: high minimum contest of $250, high commission rate charged to designers, designers have to go through the initiation process before entering their designs.

Amount of logo contests: 9/10
Amount of logo designers entering: 9/10
Quality of logo designers: 9/10

Logo Tournament Logo Contest Design Details:
Fee to Start A Design Contest: $0 fee - Contest Money Prepaid
Fee to join contest: None
Fee for winning contest: Designers are charged a 15% commission on winnings
Minimum Payout: $1
Payout Schedule: Usually within 5 to 7 days after the contest has been won. Payment is released by the client.
Payout Method: All prizes are pre-paid through PayPal
Contest Prizes: $250 - $1000

Why Should You Purchase the Ultimate Logo Contest List?

- Reviews of the top 20 logo design contest web sites

- Logo designers can find out where the best opportunity for them to win is

- Contest holders can learn where the best place to have their contest is

- Seasonal and one time only logo design contest listings

- Updated monthly

- Do not have to search for the details of entering or listing a contest

- Payment for the Ultimate Logo Contest List can be made through PayPal

- See where the largest prizes are

- Find out what design contest site has the best designers

- Know what sites have a lot of contests where the winner is never chosen

- Learn where designers tend to use copyrighted material

Ordering the Ultimate Logo Contest List is Easy

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Ordering the Ultimate Logo Contest List is very easy. Payment is handled by PayPal. Just click the buy now button and you will be taken a secure web page on the PayPal site. Once you have made your purchase an email will be sent to the email address you provided via PayPal. This email will have the Ultimate Logo Contest List attached. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have a logo contest site or individual contest that you would like added to our listings. You can email us at info@logocontests.net.

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