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Logo History

Logo History

Logo History - Learn the History of a Logo

Logo history starts way back in Egyptian times. Bricks were marked with stamps which are equivalent to our modern day logo. The logos included the manufacturer, origin, and destination in the design. History of a logo has humble beginnings. Learning the standard textbook logo history will only get you so far. Here is my point of view on the subject. A logo is mainly an abbreviation of a company. A good logo is also a way to have the company stand out. Text messaging and online chats have created short version of words. People in the modern area and throughout history have wanted to shorten things up. Nicknames are another great example. Logo design falls into this category. Basically logos were created in order to have people identify many different thoughts in a single icon. A logo is like the picture with a thousand words. It represents a company and an ideal. In Japan as well as other cultures a unique symbol represents a family name. Today Japan still uses this in the form of a stamp. Letters do not get signed. They receive stamps of the logo mark that represents the family name of the signee. Logo history may have started out as a way to abbreviate information but it has taken on a life of its own. Logos are know everywhere we look. They surround our world. How many times have you looked at a single symbol without any words and knew what the logo was for? I am sure your answer is many times. A logo is an amazing device that should be used.

Three Different Kinds of Logo Types

The main three kinds of logo types are wordmark, symbol, and monogram. The wordmark logo uses the company name as the logo. The lettering will usually have some kind of simple design in it. The symbol logo type is the icon usually found next to the companies name. This is the logo mark. This symbol can be used without the company name. There are a lot more options with this type of logo. The monogram logo type uses one or more letters in an icon. It usually is the first letter of some combination of the letters in the name. These are then made into a logo icon. As with the symbol type the monogram logo can be used with our the company name.

Logo History Videos


Famous Logos Throughout History

Volkswagen Logo

The Volkswagen logo history began with an office logo contest. The competition was won by an engineer. The total cost to the company for the logo design was around $400 USD (currently).

Jaguar Logo

The Jaguar logo history began in 1945 when the Swallow Sidecar Company changed to Jaguar. The jaguar in the logo works well for a car company because this animal is very fast and light on its feet.

Audi Logo

The Audi logo history began in 1932 when four companies merged into one. The four rings symbolize the four companies.

Burger King Logo

The Burger King logo history began in 1969 with the bun logo design. The design makes the company name look like the meat part of the burger. An update to this logo was made in 1999.

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