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Logo Design Tutorials

Logo Design Tutorials

Logo Design Tutorials for Designers

Logo design tutorials are a great way for logo designers to improve upon their craft. Many designers are self taught and rely solely on logo design tutorials to learn. More and more sites are offering design tutorials. There are even sites that will pay designers to create a tutorial for them. Before the Internet people who wanted to study different topics went to the library. Inside the books were instructions on how to complete specific tasks. Usually an online logo design tutorial will show you how to do one specific thing. Yes, this can be made up of numerous steps but the single goal is the same.

Original Logo Design Tutorials by Logo Contests

Logo Contests host several different logo design tutorials. We are planning on expanding our tutorial section soon so please check back when you have the opportunity. Our first logo design tutorial is how to create a business logo. We will show you the best practices of creating a business logo design from beginning to end. Most clients will be either small businesses or startup businesses. This will get you accustomed with handling these types of projects. The second logo design tutorial we have covers how to make a flash logo design. We will show you how to animate the artwork you create. A number of customers may want this service. The goal of the tutorial is to give you this ability so tat you do not have to outsource this part of your logo project. The third logo design tutorial covers how to deal with crazy logo customers. Yes, all designers will have an outrageous client once in a while. What separates the good designers from great designers is how these clients are handled. If you rub a client the wrong way they may go on an online firestorm which could ruin your business. This tutorial shows you what should be done in difficult situations in order to maintain calm. Please enjoy our select logo design tutorials and let us know if you have any comments. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Logo Design Tutorial List

Flash Logo Tutorial

Business Logo Tutorial

Crazy Logo Customers

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