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Logo Design Ideas

Logo Design Ideas

Logo Design Ideas

Anything can be the inspiration for a logo design. The usual place logo designers look for inspiration are web sites with a lot of logo designs on them. That means the typical logo designer gets their ideas for a logo from another logo! This endless cycle or recycle if you will of ideas means the logo world is suffering from a lack of original ideas. Truly wonderful logos come from unique places. I would like you to take the opposite approach. Look outside the logo sphere for logo design ideas. I have compiled a list of places to get you started. Logo design ideas will start flying off your pen with these resources.

Logo Design Idea #1 - MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

MoMA Museum of Modern Art Web Site

I have had more customers ask for a modern logo design than any other style. Business owners want their logo to be current today and in the future. MoMA, the museum of modern art is a great place to begin. The first place you should look is the exhibitions area of their web site.

Logo Design Idea #2 - deviantART

deviantART Web Site

Deviant Art or deviantART as they like to be called is a breeding ground for undiscovered artists. Your should get an overwhelming amount of logo design ideas from this site.

Logo Design Idea #3 - Movies, Movie Posters, IMP Awards

Movie Posters IMP Awards Web Site

Movies have always been a place where creative minds can find ideas. Logo design ideas can come from movies just like a few band names and songs are from movie titles. Since this the graphic design arena I would recommend you start with looking at some movie posters at IMP Awards before you head over to Netflix to watch a flick. If TV is your thing I recommend watching out the Big Bang Theory for ideas. The Sheldon character t-shirts are always inspirational.

Logo Design Idea #4 - National Geographic Magazine Covers

National Geographic Magazine

Life imitates art and art imitates life. When we are searching for logo design ideas we need life to imitate art. I encourage your to look at the National Geographic Magazine Cover archives. You may even want to try exploring your world with the Discovery Channel. If your world is not inspiring you then you might want to try other covers from artsy magazines.

Logo Design Idea #5 - Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire Web Site

Stephen Wiltshire is an incredible artist who draws and paints cityscapes. He was diagnosed as autistic at the age of three. Every person on this planet is capable of doing amazing things. Stephen's talent is art. Autistic people have a unique perspective. I would recommend that you research other autistic artists as well. They are a great source of inspiration for logo design and in life.

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