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Logo Design 2011

Logo Design 2011

Collection of Logos for the year 2011

Here is Logo Contests collection of logos for the year 2011. These logos are from around the world.

2011 logo

2011 logos

Some of our favorite logos from 2011 are:

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 - This logo features a soccer ball and also looks good on black.

Adventure Jam 2011 Scout Jamboree - This logo has a cool spray paint feel to it.

JMJ 2011 Madrid - This logo design uses limited colors well.

IPRA Vancouver 2011 - This logo design is a little busy but gets the message across.

NERP Northeast Regional Pride 2011 - I like how the logo uses Pittsburgh as the backdrop for the design.

Perth 2011 ISAF Saling World Championships - The blue color in the logo along with the sail style give this design an ocean feel.

Indigenous Games 2011 Milwaukee - This logo is better than most Olympic logos. It would look stunning on a fleece.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - The logo is a cricket ball without a lot of action impressed in the design.

Austria 2011 Faustball - I never heard of Faustball but this logo design makes me want to learn about the sport.

Winter Universiade Erzurum 2011 - The sleekness of this logo is the highlight.

SER 2011 World Conference on Ecological Restoration - An abstract bird makes this eco friendly logo work.

2011 WASBE Chiayi City, Taiwan - It looks like a real estate logo merged with an Olympic one. The action the gradient provides is wonderful.

State Games of America San Diego 2011 - Notice the hidden torch in this logo design.

2011 Halifax JEUX DU Canada Games - The leaf design inside the logo is a nice touch.

Worldsleep 2011 Kyoto, Japan - The logo makes me sleepy.

Guadalajara 2011 - Interesting abstract logo design with bright colors.

2011 U.S. Senior Open Inverness Club - This could double as a bank logo design.

MEMS 2011 Cancun Mexico - This is a really strong logo. I do not know how the Aztec temple plays into it but I want to learn more.

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