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Logo Design 2010

Logo Design 2010

Collection of Logos for the year 2010

Here is Logo Contests collection of logos for the year 2010. These logos are from around the world.

2010 logo

2010 logos

Some of our favorite logos from 2010 are:

Chopin 2010 - The music note and two colors enhance the classy look of this logo.

Delhi 2010 XIX Commonwealth Games - I like how the icon rolls out into a person.

Deutsches Haus 2010 Johannesburg - This is a great example of how lettering and basic color can make a wonderful logo.

Engineering Expo 2010 - The is engineering logo was engineered very well. The limited colors an hidden second "E" make it work.

Jemcon 2010 - This logo design seems like an 80's party. I like the fun aspect it has.

CAN 2010 Angola - I like how the character is central to the design of the icon.

2010 Legacies Now - The text placement to the left of the logo is perfect.

Cantalya 2010 7th International Conference - I love the gradient in the emblem part of the logo design

Sail Amsterdam 2010 - The rope going through the lettering makes this logo design original.

2010 Recycle Mania Tournament - Excitement and power are two ideas I get from this logo design.

2010 Seattle Where it all began - Classy logo for the home of the classic coffee shops. The major elements of Seattle like Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle.

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games - The active spirit of youth is represented nicely in this logo design.

National Space Society International Space Development Conference 2010 Chicago Illinois - Kids will love the space graphics in this logo design.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games - This logo is a cross between Stonehenge and a Totem Pole.

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