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Logo Design 2009

Logo Design 2009

Collection of Logos for the year 2009

Here is Logo Contests collection of logos for the year 2009. These logos are from around the world.

2009 logo

2009 logos

Some of our favorite logos from 2009 are:

Founders Cup 2009 Edmonton - The trophy standing out makes this logo.

Start on the Street 2009 Start In Motion - This black and white logo design is a fantastic illustration. The graphic artist was able to combine the character and text well.

G8 2009 Summit - The turtles and globe use negative space. The perfect circle that goes to and from G8 is great.

U.S. Open 2009 BethPage Black - The font text in this logo looks like a Hallmark font.

FFA Tour Aerien Des Jeunes Pilotes 2009 - This sleek design looks like France. Notice the planes especially off of the letter "A".

Pennsylvania Bike Summit 2009 - This logo design uses the two zeros as wheels for the bike.

Peace Cup Andalucia 2009 - It could be three moons or it could be a dolphin. This kind of stylish logo lets you find things in the design when you look at it for a while.

The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung - The logo has a pretty party design that lets you know the fun is beginning.

Prague Roller Hockey Days 2009 - Limited colors, simplistic design, and understandable skyline all make this logo fantastic.

Music in the Meadow 2009 - This logo reminds me of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat play.

Earth Day 2009 - The green maybe a little overstated but we like it.

International Education Week 2009 - This logo has a world's fair feel to it. The font is very modern.

Come Together NDP 2009 - The fireworks from the letter "o" has the logo jumping.

EuroVision Moscow 2009 - Every year the designer stuns us with a great logo.

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