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Logo Design 2008

Logo Design 2008

Collection of Logos for the year 2008

Here is Logo Contests collection of logos for the year 2008. These logos are from around the world.

2008 logo

2008 logos

Some of our favorite logos from 2008 are:

Bali 2008 1st Asian Beach Games - The laid back ocean feel really comes through in this design. I like how the sun color matches the main text of the logo.

APEC Australia 2007 - The simple sleek design makes this logo work beautifully.

NHL All-Star Game 2008 Atlanta - Every year an All-Star logo is made the logo designer usually includes some aspect of the home team. The designer on this logo integrated that very well.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Logo - The character looks like a fossil on a stone.

Carnaval 2008 Soccer Fest - The font text in this logo looks like a Hallmark font.

2008 Division 1 Women's Volleyball Championship, Omaha Nebraska - This logo uses the volleyball as an aesthetic backdrop.

New Orleans 2008 All-Star Game - I love the jazz style and the instruments hidden inside the logo. It has a fancy French look.

2008 Indiana State Cup U.S. Youth Soccer - The wings in this logo design along with the red, white, and blue colors accent America in the design.

Washington Youth Soccer President's Cup 2008 - The symmetry in this design makes the logo jump.

2008 Jomo Cup All-Star Soccer Tokyo - The soccer ball also doubles as a globe.

FTA 2008 Philadelphia - The brush style drawing of the Liberty Bell plays nicely in this logo design.

Freddie Mac's Hoops Homeless 2008 - I could do without the multiple fonts but otherwise this is a solid logo with action.

Rugby league World Cup Australia 2008 - A nice vertical design that uses minimal colors very well.

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