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Logo Design 2007

Logo Design 2007

Collection of Logos for the year 2007

Here is Logo Contests collection of logos for the year 2007. These logos are from around the world.

2007 logo

2007 logos

Some of our favorite logos from 2007 are:

Junior 2007 Eurovision Song Contest - This logo design has a juicy 3d effect to it. The character design play well in the logo.

APEC Australia 2007 - The simple sleek design makes this logo work beautifully.

NCAA 2007 Men's Frozen Four St. Louis - This logo uses the trademark St. Louis Arch and a hockey puck. It is a nice local logo design.

2007 National Lifeguard Championships Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - The limited colors and design give this logo a sea feel.

PARAPAN RIO 2007 - I always enjoy Brazil logo designs. The way 2007 is written is fantastic along with the bright colors.

Visit Malaysia 2007 - The flower which also looks like a guitar appears similar to the RIO logo. I like the handwritten style.

National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships 2007 Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City has mountains which is included in the backdrop of the logo. The characters leg works well outside of the base of the design. The logo has a wonderful use of color in the design.

ICC World Twenty South Africa - Abstract logos like this have a great ability to attract attention.

XLI Expo Ganadera 2007 Jalisco - A nice two color logo design featuring animals.

2007 Division 1 Wrestling Championships Auburn Hills Michigan - I wonder why the character is in a tire. The entire logo design works though.

Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon Splash Mash Dash 2007 - The rectangle design mixed with the line drawing and limited colors make this logo design one of the best.

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