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Logo Competition Tips

Logo Competition Tips

Logo Competition

Logo competition is what takes place during the logo contest. This is the process that occurs in order for the logo contest holder to get the final design they are looking for. Mistakes can happen which can lead the contest to an unfortunate result. This is why we are spending some time going over the optimal way designers and contest holders should act. A logo competition should bring out our competitive juices but not to much. You do not want to cross the proverbial line. Designers could turn off the contest holder which may in turn decrease their chances of winning. A contest holder will sometimes ask for revisions after the competition has been completed. That means that they need to work with the designer. If the designer is bad mouthing other designs or acting pushy to the contest holder he or she may not get selected. Nobody wants to work with a person like that no matter how good their design is. The same goes for contest holders. A logo competition that has contest holder providing no feedback will make designers feel that they are disinterested the contest. A contest holder who is rude to designers may also get fewer entries because other designers will be afraid that it could happen to them. You have to remember that logo designers are putting a lot of effort into their designs. The last thing they would want is to have it put down poorly by a contest holder. The does not make the logo competition fun. Both sides need to play nice which brings us to the first logo competition tip of feedback. Please enjoy the tips and consider taking their advice as it may help you have more success. Logo designers may win more and contest holders might just get a better final logo design.

Logo Competition Tips

- Logo contest holders should leave feedback for every design entry.

- Logo designers should not ask the contest holder to provide feedback. If you see that a contest holder is not providing feedback than you should not enter the logo competition.

- Logo designers should make sure that the logo design they are uploading is the recommended size of the logo contest site they are using. You do not want your hard work to end up blurry. Give yourself a fair shot and upload the right size.

- Logo designs should always be vectors. Please make sure to create your design as a vector. You would not want to win a logo competition only to find out that the contest holder needed a vector logo. This is the industry standard.

- Designers should not comment on other designers logos. It does not make you look good to contest holders. It may be alright if you are leaving a positive comment. Try not to do it to often though as it may seems that you are more interested in making friends than winning a contest.

- If you have questions about a logo design brief you should feel obligated to ask it. Contest holders would rather answer questions than receive bad entries. Another logo designer may have the same questions you do.

- Logo Contest holders should never give the top star rating away until the contest has ended or they have decided on one. This makes sure logo designer continue working hard on your design project.

- Logo designers should never use copyrighted material in there designs. It is alright to get inspiration from looking at other designs but do not copy.

- Designers should not copy other entries. This happens more than you know. contest holders will look the other way but designers will not. They will be very upset and probably let you know. This is a major reason why the new trend in logo competitions is to have a blind contest. In this contest designers do not see other designers entries.

- If a contest holder does not pay the winner after he or she has delivered the designs the designer should immediately contact the logo contest web site they used.

- If a logo designer does not send the final design files after payment has been made the contest holder should immediately contact the logo contest site they used.

- Logo contest holders should spend at least two hours coming up with their design brief. They need to provide a lot of detail so that the designers can come up with exactly what they are looking for. A design brief that says surprise me is not good. Designers will get frustrated and leave your contest or maybe not even enter. The best logo competition practice is to provide visual examples of the style you prefer.

- Logo designers can benefit by providing their design entry in two color formats. These would be full color and then a black and white version. The black and white version can be a smaller scale.

- A logo with 3 or less colors will allow you to save money on printing costs.

- A logo design that is not to busy will work better. Embroidery companies love simplistic designs.

- Do not use or select logo designs that have stock photography in them. Stock photography are raster images that can not bere-sized well. You would also have to worry about licensing.

- Logo competitions are a great way to promote your new business. Be professional throughout the logo competition.

- All logo contests sites will have glitches and down time. Do not get overly excited about this as it should not go on for very long.

- Logo designers should always enter more than one time in every logo competition. The more entries you have the better chance you will have of winning. It also shows the logo contest holder that you want it more.

- Do not be a sore loser if you do not win the logo competition. Sometimes the winner will not be able to provide the winning entry or the contest holder will one more than one design. In that case they may contact the designers and ask how much it would cost to purchase the additional designs.

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