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Business Logo Tutorial

Business Logo Tutorials

Business Logo Tutorial - The Best Way To Create A Logo Design For A Business

Creating a logo design for a business is very different than creating a logo design for yourself. A business logo needs to have a well thought out process before sketching begins whereas a logo for yourself may begin with sketching. Businesses usually need their logo design to fit certain specifications. Small businesses may even be a more involved project as small business owners will need more hand holding than established companies. Once you have a good idea of what a company needs your next step is research. As you can see the beginning of a business logo requires a lot of information gathering before the actual drawing begins. Work should commence once you or your team feels that they have a good grasp of the logo design project. You should make sure to keep in constant contact with the business owner. Sometimes they can call an audible so to speak and alter the direction of the project during the design process. This happens more often than a logo designer would like it to. After the initial designs have been presented the business owner will provide you with feedback. Please be sure to ask questions at this point. Asking questions can shorten the design process for you by allowing you to avoid unnessecary rounds of revisions. Creating the final files for your customer is the last step once they have approved a final design. This step should be maticulous. You and your team need to super size the business logo design and go over every little detail. A business may be using the design on a side of a bus or a billboard. It is important to keep this in mind as even the tiniest design flaw will be exposed in this environment. After the final business logo files have been sent you should continue to provide good customer service to your client. Business logos need to work for a long time in many places and the logo designer should try to help within reason when it is called for.

Design Steps Needed To Create A Business Logo

Step 1 - Gather as much information about the business and it's competitors.

This step may be the most important part. The best way to handle the information gathering step is by a combination of phone conversations and written examination with the business owner or decision maker. Most online logo design companies choose to handle this step using a logo customization form. A good logo customization form will go a long way in making the business logo a success. How do you create a good logo customization form? You should look at what the major logo design companies are using. Logo contest sites also have some of the best logo design briefs around. One of the most important questions to ask is what logo designs do you like and why? Getting a feel for the business owners style is very important.

Step 2 - Logo Design Concepts

The most time spent on the creation of the business logo needs to be on this step. Many different designers have their own way of coming up with original logo concepts. Some like to start by sketching on a piece of paper while others will head straight to their graphic editor. If you have a Wacom tablet you could do both of these at one time. You should check out our logo design software information for the optimal work station. The basic idea is to immerse yourself with the information about the business and then let your creative juices flow. If you get stuck you should look at other logos to get inspiration. Notice I said inspiration. Direct copying or changing a color of another business logo is a big faux pas. Please work on original concepts. Remember that a business logo design needs to work in many different sizes in a variety of locations so simplistic designs are recommended. Also make sure to design the business logo in the CMYK color format. You can always convert it RGB later. CMYK is used in printing and most companies will eventually make their way to using you logo in print.

Step 3 - Feedback On Your Business Logo Concepts

Feedback can be short and sweet or the worst experience of your life. We have a logo design customers tutorial you should read about to see how I handled bad customer feedback. Whatever the feedback is you need to respond in a professional business like manner. Constructive critisism is the goal of this step. You need to find out what the business owner liked and disliked in order to keep the revision process streamlined. If the customer did not like any of your designs you have two options. You can cut your losses and offer to refund their money or you can stick it out. If the business owner does not provide you with reasons why they do not like your designs or is very general you probably should refund their money. You do not want to get stuck on a project. Projects that go bad will cause you unwanted frustration and loss of time. This in turn will affect your logo design companies bottom line. Positive feedback that has a clear direction will happen more often the more experience you have. You will learn what business logos owners tend to prefer.

Step 4 - Finalize the Business Logo

Finalizing the business logo needs to be handled with care. There should not be a party when the client approves a final design. If you have a team of logo designers the most detailed oriented person should be in charge of this step. Here is what has to happen.

Super size the business logo - The logo design was probably created on a 640 by 480 canvas. The canvas size needs to be increased to 1500 by 1000. Then expand the business logo to fit the new canvas. These are instructions if you are working inside a graphic editor like Adobe Illustrator where all the graphics are vectors. If you made a logo with bitmap tools you should design it using the largest possible canvas from the beginning.

Convet text to outlines - There is a good chance that your client or a business they will be sending your files to will not have the font you used in their logo. How do you get around this? You can outline the text. Basically you are converting the font you used into a vector graphic. Now the business logo text you created will look the same on all computers everywhere.

Go over every detail - You should zoom in on the business logo and see if any of your vector points need tightening. Only at an extremely high magnification will you see areas of your design that need adjusting.

Final Files - You should make at least eight final files for the client if you are using Adobe Illustrator. These are AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF. You should also think about creating a black and white version of the business logo. It is fairly simple inside Illustrator and very useful to your client. The EPS file is the most important as it is widely used today in printing. The PDF file is very versatile and the PSD is great because a lot of business owners have Photoshop. Many clients will request a JPG. If this is the case you should make two. One print ready version at 300 dpi and one for the web. Including transparent files will be helpful to business owners as well because many use templates for their websites. A transparent business logo will look great on top of a web design. The only file I would think about not including is the TIFF file. This has a very large file size and usually requires you to zip it in order to send.

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