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About Logo Contests

About Logo Contests

Logo Contests is a web site for designers and small business owners. We have a numerous tutorials, tips, and other resources. The goal of this site is learning. We want you to learn about the logo design process. We also have a lot of logo contest talk on this site.

This web site will continue to grow so please bookmark us and return often. The online logo contest for business owners is very excited. I am looking forward to awarding our first winner. The flash drawing application that was made for the contest is ActionScript 3.0. This is the most recent Flash programming language. The logo design ideas section was a last minute change. Originally it was going to be a resources area but I thought that this could be more unique. You should give a look see at that web page. The work on some of those other sites is tremendous.

I am happy you are so interested in this site that you are reading the about page. I guess that means that you want to learn about who made it. I have been in the logo design industry for a while now. Designers should never get discouraged by customers as this is futile. You need to keep plugging away and survive all the storms that come at you. I think I will always have a love of logos. It is what I have been immersed in for so long that I dream about them. I take notice of all the logos around me. Sometimes when I am watching TV I will call out the font or effect. If you watch the Lost show with me you will hear "bevel emboss" at the opening sequence. Logo design for me has been a wild ride. I really do enjoy it and I hope you do as well. Please enjoy this site my family and I have created.

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