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Logo Designer Programs

Logo Designer Programs

Logo Designer Programs - Get Logo Design Software Info From An Insider.

There are many logo designer programs for you to choose from. Logo design software covers a wide area. The best logo designer programs create vector graphics. A vector can be re-sized without any loss whereas a raster image can not. Vectors are computer generated graphics that use geometrical primitives. These primitives are all based on mathematical equations. You need a vector authoring tool. Fortunately there are several professional programs as well as a free online piece of logo design software that can get the job done. Having the correct design software will go along way to helping you craft wonderful designs, It could also assist you in winning logo contests. Here we will take an insiders view point as to what logo design software you should be using and why.

The Best Piece of Logo Design Software Ever Made

Adobe Illustrator is the best piece of logo design software ever made. This is the program all professional logo designers should use. Illustrator is the industry standard vector authoring tool. It creates vector graphics. The tools inside of this logo designer program are cutting edge. If you are going to have your logo design created at a professional agency this is the software that they will be using. The cost of this graphics editor is rather high compared to other logo design software. The CS4 version retails for around $599. Adobe does let you download the program to try before you purchase. The free trial last 30 days. This should be enough time for you to determine if Illustrator is right for you. The other two strong recommendations I have is to use a Wacom pen tablet or Wacom interactive pen display and a Mac computer to compliment this program.

The Best Free Online Logo Designer Program

Raven is the best free online logo designer program. It is an online vector editor with a simplistic design. Designers should be able to learn the easy interface in a matter of hours. You can create vector graphics without having to worry so much about whether your computer is up to speed. The fact that it is online will give users the ability to design on average computers. Raven is part of a smorgasbord of free graphic tools Aviary offers. You can use the pro version of Raven for $24.99 a year. An important thing to remember about their software is that in the free version, any work you create can be used by Aviary. They will give you credit though. I recommend that you use the pro version and set the image rights to private. This way your graphics can not be used by Aviary without permission from you. The pro version will also give your the pro version of their other graphic software. Since Raven is a vector authoring tool you can use the designs you make virtually anywhere. It seems from their website that the main two uses are logos and T-shirts. Please feel free to email us your vector logo design creations that were made in Aviary. We may even display them if you would like.

Other Logo Designer Programs

If you decide that the two previous logo designer programs are not right for you there are other options. Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic piece of software. You can do almost a million things with it. Photoshop can be used to edit photos or raster images. It can also be used to create vector designs. You just have to make sure that you stick to the vector toolset. You could also create animated designs inside of the program. Other function that people have started using Photoshop for are web page design. You can design a web site in Photoshop and then export it. Adobe Fireworks is another design program that can be used to create logo designs. Fireworks is more of a web graphic application so the logos created inside of the software should be used in a web capacity. The last piece of logo design software we are covering is CorelDraw. The Corel company has been around a long time Business has used their products to create numerous things. Their graphics program is very good. The main flaw is that it is not Adobe Illustrator. Yes, that can be a flaw. The files CorelDraw naturally produce are CDR files. CDR files are not widely used so you could run into some compatibility trouble. Yes, you can create vectors but you may have to back an manipulate the design to make it look good in a different format. The price tag is cheaper than Illustrator but the overall ease factor is worth the extra money.

Logo Design Software Recommendation list

#1 Adobe Illustrator: The best piece of logo design software available

#2 Adobe Photoshop: Only use the vector tools when designing a logo

#3 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4: The CDR file format is not widely used

#4 Adobe Fireworks: Good for web only logos

#5 Aviary: Great design app

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